Illy Coffee Cup
Coffee Talk: What This Brewing Family Teaches Us About the Importance of Communication
When family dynamics intertwine with business strategies, effective communication becomes not just important, but the cornerstone of success.
Person in a suit holding a red "For Sale" sign.
To Sell or Not to Sell? That’s the Question for Family Businesses
Given the sheer number of businesses in the world and the fact that most businesses are privately held, the decision to sell or not is a common occurrence. Whether a...
Overhead view of wrapped gift boxes with ribbons.
The Gift of Family Stories 
Consider sharing the stories of your family and your philanthropic journey as a gift to your family this holiday season.  Share the heartfelt stories of what you care about, family...
Speech bubble with the word "Succession"
The Time is Now to Talk About Succession
Thinking about succession may instigate feelings of angst within a founder or family in business. A founder may wonder if the next leader will have the same amount of passion,...
Image of a black piggy bank with coins spilling out of it
Why We Don’t Talk About Money (and How We Can)
When was the last time your family discussed money? In this article, we break down why families don't discuss money, and how they can get the conversation started.
A small bowl woven together with brown sticks, with a red ribbon and two gold wedding bands inside.
Prenups are for everyone, especially owners (or future owners) of a family business
While asking for a prenup can be a sensitive topic, it is good policy for everyone to speak about assets and ownership before a marriage.
Red sign that says "For Hire."
Hire the Right People for the Right Roles
Owners may find that family members who want to work in the business are not always the best candidate for a particular role.
Woman in a board room leads a demonstration on a white paper pad to a gentleman sitting in a chair.
The Most Important Hire in a Family Office: The Family Office Advisor
While it might not be obvious, the most important hire in a family office is not the CEO, CIO, or COO of the family office—it’s the family office advisor.
Two folding chairs on a tropical beach; the water is a clear blue and in the background a small mountain emerges out of the water.
3 Strategies for a Successful Family Business—and Vacation
There is one word that can set up family businesses and family trips for success: governance. Here are three ways governance can help ease the stress of your next family...