Your Family Needs More than One Succession Plan
Succession planning is one of the most important elements of a family enterprise, yet many families don't realize they need more than one succession plan.
Baltic Family Firm Institute Hosts 2nd Annual Conference
Wingspan Founder Christina Wing was one of the keynote speakers at the 2024 Baltic Family Firm Institute Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her advice to family businesses in the region? Define...
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Why Family Offices Are Driving Private Equity Deals
Family offices are driving private equity deals. Why are families interested in PE? With the ability to invest long-term without worrying about shareholder demands, families are well-positioned to make big...
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UAE Family Offices: Navigating Wealth, Secrecy, and Governance Challenges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi or Dubai? This Bloomberg article by delves into the merits of both UAE powerhouse cities for family offices. But besides the pros, there are also cons for both:...
A Primer on Family Constitutions
A family constitution is crucial for family-owned businesses, providing clear guidelines on governance, succession, and conflict resolution to balance business demands with family harmony.
How to Organize Effective Family Meetings
Family meetings enhance the likelihood of generational success in family businesses by formalizing effective communication and strategic planning.
Wingspan wins FWR's Family Office Consultancy Award
Wingspan Selected Winner of FWR’s 2024 Family Office Management Consultancy Award
Wingspan wins the 2024 Family Wealth Report Award for Family Office Management Consultancy.
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Three Reasons Your Company Should Have an Advisory Board
Wingspan's Maryann Bell discusses an alternative for privately owned companies when it comes to ensuring good governance: a non-fiduciary advisory board.
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Family Offices Risk Future Without Investment Policy Statements
Many family offices risk financial instability by not having Investment Policy Statements (IPS). Learn why advisory firm Wingspan Legacy urges family offices to create an IPS for disciplined investment strategies...