Christina Wing on Family Offices as Activist Investors

Christina Wing
July 10, 2024

Family offices are increasingly taking on the role of activist investor, acquiring significant stakes in public companies with the goal of enacting change to increase value. Traditionally, family offices have kept to investments like real estate, private equity, and closely held companies; but this trend sees the offices of ultra-wealthy families taking influential positions in companies across a wide range of industries.

In a Bloomberg piece written by Ben Stupples, Wingspan founder Christina Wing weighed in on the impact these family offices are making in the business world: “These type of investors are kind of flying under the radar…There are more of them than we think.” Family offices have bought at least a half-dozen activist stakes around the world in the last year, often installing new executive leaders and driving changes in strategy with their new influence.

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About Christina Wing

Christina founded Wingspan Legacy Partners to help Founders and Families navigate the intersections between Family dynamics, business operations, wealth, legacy and philanthropic impact.