Christina Wing: The Art of Having Difficult Conversations in the Family Business

Christina Wing
April 24, 2024

Communication is crucial in family businesses, but addressing sensitive issues like conflict or differing opinions can be daunting. Many families avoid these conversations due to fear of rejection or damaging relationships. However, embracing open dialogue can lead to significant growth and harmony.

In this interview with Ramia El Agamy for the Women in Family Business podcast, Wingspan Founder Christina Wing offers insights on tackling tough topics. She suggests that open communication, driven by honesty and a shared goal, is key to resolving underlying issues. Fear of rejection can hinder these conversations, but acknowledging this fear is the first step toward overcoming it.

Contrary to popular belief, peacemakers might not be the best at initiating difficult discussions. Instead, those who are good listeners often excel in these situations because they can navigate conversations with empathy.

Sibling differences are another common challenge. When some siblings align with parents while others don’t, it can create tension. Early communication can help avoid long-term resentment. Christina recommends building a culture of meaningful discussions rather than sticking to polite or trivial topics.

Ultimately, the path to better communication in family businesses involves small steps and a willingness to embrace change. By fostering trust and engaging in open dialogue, families can strengthen both their businesses and their relationships.

Watch Ramia and Christina’s conversation and read the transcript HERE.


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Christina founded Wingspan Legacy Partners to help Founders and Families navigate the intersections between Family dynamics, business operations, wealth, legacy and philanthropic impact.