Family Offices’ Governance Can Do Better, Sector Needs Rebrand – Advisor

Liza Truax
April 25, 2023

Family offices are more populous, they’re getting a higher (not always easy) profile and are increasingly important players in the investment landscape. Yet they often aren’t governed well enough and need help to keep a coherent structure together, says Liza Truax, Managing Partner at Wingspan Legacy Partners.

Everyone in the industry has heard the saying, “If you’ve seen one family office, you’ve seen one family office,” and that’s not necessarily a good thing! In a recent interview with Family Wealth Report, Liza delves into these structural issues and why family offices need a playbook for best practices as they grapple with the future. Furthermore, Liza says family offices need a reputational makeover to attract the top talent they need to thrive.

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About Liza Truax

Liza has extensive experience driving improved outcomes in family offices - for the investments, the families, and society. She graduated with distinction from both Cornell University and Harvard Business School.