Getting The Philanthropy Strategy Right For HNW Families

Maryann G. Bell
December 4, 2023

It’s the season for giving – and families may be thinking about how to best implement a strategy for philanthropy. In this Q&A with Family Wealth Report, Wingspan Partner Maryann G. Bell discusses why giving away to good causes isn’t a simple exercise if families want to be impactful.

“While most high net worth families are very generous and want to give back (90% of HNW investors give to charity), giving away money is more difficult than it appears,” says Maryann. “To whom do you donate? How much? Is it a one-time gift or multi-year? How do you evaluate success?” In the article, Maryann delves into why strategy and advisors are important to crafting a plan to make sure philanthropy is not only impactful but sustainable over time. Families should treat philanthropy not as a one-off “writing a check” but as much a part of their legacy as a family business.

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About Maryann G. Bell

Maryann has led transformation through board work in Austin after almost two decades in finance. Maryann holds a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.