Why We Don’t Talk About Money (and How We Can)

Liz Breiter
November 14, 2023

Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner. Oftentimes, thinking about families gathering around a holiday table engenders memories of both perfunctory and controversial conversation – how quickly can you recount the last time your family had a political discussion around the Thanksgiving table? Likely, quickly. What about the last time your family discussed money? This may take longer to recount – your curiosity sparks as you ponder why… 

A study conducted by Empower found that “66% of Americans believe open conversations about money are the key to financial freedom…and they are constantly planning (64%) and dreaming (58%) about their future and thinking about finances (61%) – but that’s where it goes silent” (Empower). Why is this and what can be done to thoughtfully reverse this trend? 

Key Drivers: Why Do We Not Discuss Money?

At Wingspan, we recognize these are fears families have, but we also recognize that any fear can be surmounted through a thoughtful approach and governance construct. 

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