Your Family Needs More than One Succession Plan
Succession planning is one of the most important elements of a family enterprise, yet many families don't realize they need more than one succession plan.
A Primer on Family Constitutions
A family constitution is crucial for family-owned businesses, providing clear guidelines on governance, succession, and conflict resolution to balance business demands with family harmony.
How to Organize Effective Family Meetings
Family meetings enhance the likelihood of generational success in family businesses by formalizing effective communication and strategic planning.
Wingspan wins FWR's Family Office Consultancy Award
Wingspan Selected Winner of FWR’s 2024 Family Office Management Consultancy Award
Wingspan wins the 2024 Family Wealth Report Award for Family Office Management Consultancy.
Strategy of diversified investment.
The Case for Investment Policy Statements
Investment Policy Statements are a critical part of wealth governance that offer guidance, risk management, and benchmarks for investments. Every family office needs one.
Bill & Joyce Cummings with Maryann Bell
Joyful Giving: The Bill & Joyce Cummings Way
"Undercover billionaires" Bill & Joyce Cummings have always enjoyed doing for others. Through their Cummings Foundation, they are having fun giving the bulk of their wealth away.
Illy Coffee Cup
Coffee Talk: What This Brewing Family Teaches Us About the Importance of Communication
When family dynamics intertwine with business strategies, effective communication becomes not just important, but the cornerstone of success.
Person in a suit holding a red "For Sale" sign.
To Sell or Not to Sell? That’s the Question for Family Businesses
Given the sheer number of businesses in the world and the fact that most businesses are privately held, the decision to sell or not is a common occurrence. Whether a...
Overhead view of wrapped gift boxes with ribbons.
The Gift of Family Stories 
Consider sharing the stories of your family and your philanthropic journey as a gift to your family this holiday season.  Share the heartfelt stories of what you care about, family...