Perspectives on Family Philanthropy & Social Impact Governance: An Interview with Christina Wing

Christina Wing
March 19, 2024

Family businesses are uniquely positioned to foster meaningful and long-lasting societal change and as a result, many enterprising families choose to create philanthropic foundations. However, foundations are more than just mere vehicles for charitable giving. For enterprising families to maximize their impact fully, philanthropy must have proper guidance and governance. In a recent podcast interview on the Family Firm Institute (FFI) Podcast, our founder Christina Wing not only shares insights on effective governance from her experience in the family philanthropy realm but also champions the idea of treating philanthropy as a strategic business venture.

In addition to establishing governance, philanthropic planning and strategies must continuously evolve in tune with societal needs. By aligning investment strategies with philanthropic goals, families can amplify their impact and drive positive change in areas they are passionate about.

Listen to the podcast episode for more insights from Christina on family philanthropy and social impact governance. (Or read the transcript.)

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About Christina Wing

Christina founded Wingspan Legacy Partners to help Founders and Families navigate the intersections between Family dynamics, business operations, wealth, legacy and philanthropic impact.