Innovating Family Office Investment With Series LLCs, Tailored Policy Statements

Everett Alexander
April 8, 2024

Typically, a single-family office creates one investment policy statement to govern the investment goals for the entire family. Investments (i.e., fixed income, equities, alternatives) are generally co-mingled into one entity, typically a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), with family member beneficiaries sharing a pro-rata member interest in the LLC based upon their share of the assets. But is that the right way to manage a multigenerational office?

In this article for Family Wealth Report, Wingspan’s Everett Alexander discusses why a one-size-fits-all approach to investment policy does not always make sense for a family office that will span multiple generations with differing needs and time horizons. He instead outlines an alternative: the Series LLC, in which multiple generations of the family can have different LLCs with varying investment policy statements. In so doing, families can ensure investment flexibility for the future.

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About Everett Alexander

Everett brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Wingspan, having previously served as a trusted advisor to family offices in roles such as CIO and COO.