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Three Reasons Your Company Should Have an Advisory Board
Wingspan's Maryann Bell discusses an alternative for privately owned companies when it comes to ensuring good governance: a non-fiduciary advisory board.
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A New Paradigm for Family Giving
Redefining philanthropy - Christina Wing discusses how enterprising families are leading the way in social investment.
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Innovating Family Office Investment With Series LLCs, Tailored Policy Statements
Wingspan's Everett Alexander discusses the use of limited liability corporations and how they can be used by family offices.
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Best Practices for Family Philanthropy
Wingspan Founder Christina Wing delves into the five best practices for setting up a family philanthropic initiative in an article for Family Capital.
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NextGens Embrace the Prenup
The word “prenup” used to make engaged couples uncomfortable, but times have changed. Surveys show younger generations are more favorable toward prenuptial agreements that divvy up assets should there be...
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How to Bring an Outside CEO into the Family Business
Most multigenerational family businesses eventually arrive at the same decision point: the current generation needs to hire a non-family-member to run the business.
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Future leaders, not nepo babies: how to start family business succession
The term “Nepo Baby” may be offensive to some, but it sheds light on an important issue for family businesses: the next generation of family members may not be capable...
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Meet the Parents – Family Business Style
Being born into a family business can be difficult, but marrying into one can be even tougher. You may encounter family dynamics tied to the running of the business you...
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Onboarding NextGens – Family Business Magazine
One of the biggest problems facing a family business is not having a solid succession plan. This is often a result of failure to involve the next generation at a...