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Beyond Bloodlines: Strategies for Success in Family Enterprises
Maryann G. Bell sits down with Mark Tepsich for UBS: On-Air:Conversations to discuss how non-family member employees and executives navigate their role in family offices and family business; in short,...
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NextGens Embrace the Prenup
The word “prenup” used to make engaged couples uncomfortable, but times have changed. Surveys show younger generations are more favorable toward prenuptial agreements that divvy up assets should there be...
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Does Your Family Business Have a Succession Plan?
After leading his family’s boutique real estate development firm, Rohit Gera had to plan how the business would move forward without him. In this episode, Gera and Christina Wing explain...
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The Importance of Prenups in Safeguarding Business Ownership
“Prenup” is often a fighting word when it comes to engaged couples (though the younger generation is starting to think differently). But when a family business is at stake, having...
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Getting The Philanthropy Strategy Right For HNW Families
While most high net worth families are very generous and want to give back (90% of HNW investors give to charity), giving away money is more difficult than it appears....
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Shoot for the Moon
Family-owned businesses have a secret weapon - given their concentrated ownership, they can take a long-term view. This long-term view unlocks unlimited possibilities for families to make a lasting impact...
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Are You Ready for Governance?
Family governance is an important tool, providing clarity and guidance to family members on their roles.
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Bank Failures and Lessons for Cash Management
In the wake of the latest banking crisis, wealthy investors and family offices are being forced to rethink their cash strategies. According to wealth advisors, the wealthy are moving their...
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A New Era in the Fight for Talent
It would be reasonable based on the near constant media coverage and the frequency with which these businesses are featured during dinner table conversations, to think that startups and tech...