Christina Wing: The Art of Having Difficult Conversations in the Family Business
Christina Wing discusses why good listeners are key to fostering open communication and building a stronger family business.
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How and Why Having Difficult Conversations Matter with Maryann G. Bell
Wingspan's Maryann Bell discusses how to navigate difficult conversations about succession planning in family enterprises.
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Sustaining a Legacy of Giving in Turkey
Christina Wing and Murat Özyeğin discuss how the Özyeğin family of Turkey pioneered an innovative approach to family business social investing.
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Perspectives on Family Philanthropy & Social Impact Governance: An Interview with Christina Wing
Christina Wing shares insights on effective governance for family philanthropy in this podcast interview for Family Firm Institute and champions the idea of treating philanthropy just like any other business.
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Beyond Bloodlines: Strategies for Success in Family Enterprises
Maryann G. Bell sits down with Mark Tepsich for UBS: On-Air:Conversations to discuss how non-family member employees and executives navigate their role in family offices and family business; in short,...
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Does Your Family Business Have a Succession Plan?
After leading his family’s boutique real estate development firm, Rohit Gera had to plan how the business would move forward without him. In this episode, Gera and Christina Wing explain...
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The Importance of Prenups in Safeguarding Business Ownership
“Prenup” is often a fighting word when it comes to engaged couples (though the younger generation is starting to think differently). But when a family business is at stake, having...
Planning the Future for Harlem’s Beloved Sylvia’s Restaurant
Sylvia’s Restaurant, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in August 2022, is a testament to the values instilled by the founder and matriarch, Sylvia Woods. She cultivated a strong community around...
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The Term Family Office is Confusing; it needs a new name, says Harvard academic
Family Offices face a host of challenges – not least the fact that they’re called Family Offices! Too often, says Wingspan Founder Christina Wing, the term fails to capture the...