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Critical components: Legacy and the family office – Family Business Magazine
As the industry matures, having experienced leadership, specialized expertise, and strategic planning in the operation of family offices is critical to the sustained success of family legacies. When establishing or...
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When To Give Up Control And Other Tough Family Conversations
Succession is a crucial topic for family businesses and family offices today – but the fact that the latter have emerged relatively recently means founders often lack a succession plan...
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Helping Family Enterprises Overcome Key Challenges
The number of family offices worldwide is rapidly rising, but they face challenges now and in the years to come, says Wingspan founder Christina Wing in this Q&A with Russ...
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The Family Wealth Report 2023 Award Honoree
Wingspan Legacy Partners is a 2023 Family Wealth Report Awards honoree—receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ citation in the Family Office Management Consultancy category.
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Christina Wing explains why good governance is so key for family offices
What are the top challenges facing family offices right now? “Lack of governance, succession planning and preparing the next generation,” says Wingspan’s founder Christina Wing in this Q&A with Crain Currency.
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Family Offices’ Governance Can Do Better, Sector Needs Rebrand – Advisor
Family Offices are increasing in both number and the share of assets they control – but they still face challenges related to proper governance and succession planning. Few two Family...
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The war for talent will benefit family businesses
Amidst the rise of corporate layoffs, family businesses have a great opportunity to attract new talent. With tailored incentive plans and a focus on purpose-driven work, family enterprises offer a...
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The Royal Family Business
At age 73, King Charles is the oldest person to assume the British throne. What's more, he finds himself taking on the role of CEO of the royal family's $28 billion...
Wealth Transfer: Baby boomers set to pass unprecedented wealth: Logo for The Boston Globe.
In a turbulent time, baby boomers are set to pass unprecedented wealth to younger generations
The last several years have seen an unprecedented amount of charitable giving from the baby boomer generation.