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A Primer on Family Constitutions
A family constitution is crucial for family-owned businesses, providing clear guidelines on governance, succession, and conflict resolution to balance business demands with family harmony.
How to Organize Effective Family Meetings
Discover how family meetings fuel generational success in family businesses. From fostering effective communication to strategic planning, these gatherings pave the way for seamless transitions across generations.
Wingspan wins FWR's Family Office Consultancy Award
Wingspan Selected Winner of FWR’s 2024 Family Office Management Consultancy Award
Wingspan wins the 2024 Family Wealth Report Award for Family Office Management Consultancy.
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Three Reasons Your Company Should Have an Advisory Board
Wingspan's Maryann Bell discusses an alternative for privately owned companies when it comes to ensuring good governance: a non-fiduciary advisory board.
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Family Offices Risk Future Without Investment Policy Statements
Many family offices risk financial instability by not having Investment Policy Statements (IPS). Learn why advisory firm Wingspan Legacy urges family offices to create an IPS for disciplined investment strategies...
Christina Wing: The Art of Having Difficult Conversations in the Family Business
Christina Wing discusses why good listeners are key to fostering open communication and building a stronger family business.
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How and Why Having Difficult Conversations Matter with Maryann G. Bell
Wingspan's Maryann Bell discusses how to navigate difficult conversations about succession planning in family enterprises.
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A New Paradigm for Family Giving
Redefining philanthropy - Christina Wing discusses how enterprising families are leading the way in social investment.
Strategy of diversified investment.
The Case for Investment Policy Statements
Investment Policy Statements are a critical part of wealth governance that offer guidance, risk management, and benchmarks for investments. Every family office needs one.
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Sustaining a Legacy of Giving in Turkey
Christina Wing and Murat Özyeğin discuss how the Özyeğin family of Turkey pioneered an innovative approach to family business social investing.
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Innovating Family Office Investment With Series LLCs, Tailored Policy Statements
Wingspan's Everett Alexander discusses the use of limited liability corporations and how they can be used by family offices.
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philanthropy, social impact
Perspectives on Family Philanthropy & Social Impact Governance: An Interview with Christina Wing
Christina Wing shares insights on effective governance for family philanthropy in this podcast interview for Family Firm Institute.
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Let’s Talk: Why It’s Time to Stop Avoiding Taboo Topics at Work
Wingspan's Christina Wing offers five rules for navigating thorny issues in the workplace and makes the case for discussing sensitive topics.
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Best Practices for Family Philanthropy
Wingspan Founder Christina Wing delves into the five best practices for setting up a family philanthropic initiative in an article for Family Capital.
Bill & Joyce Cummings with Maryann Bell
Joyful Giving: The Bill & Joyce Cummings Way
"Undercover billionaires" Bill & Joyce Cummings have always enjoyed doing for others. Through their Cummings Foundation, they are having fun giving the bulk of their wealth away.
Wealthy Are Looking to Bridge Belief and Practice on The Environment. But At Least They’re Having The Tough Conversations
Wingspan's Maryann Bell quoted in the Knight Frank 2024 Wealth Report discussing wealthy families and environmental responsibility.
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Billionaire Joe Lewis Places a 34-Year-Old Atop Besieged Empire
Wingspan's Christina Wing quoted in a Bloomberg article discussing billionaire Joe Lewis' Tavistock Group succession saga.
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Generosity Unveiled: The Philanthropic Paths of 3 Prominent Families
In an article for Crain Currency, Christina Wing discusses how the Sabancı family of Turkey moved beyond traditional charitable giving to a strategy of social impact.
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Coffee Talk: What This Brewing Family Teaches Us About the Importance of Communication
When family dynamics intertwine with business strategies, effective communication becomes not just important, but the cornerstone of success.
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Beyond Bloodlines: Strategies for Success in Family Enterprises
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NextGens Embrace the Prenup
Person in a suit holding a red "For Sale" sign.
To Sell or Not to Sell? That’s the Question for Family Businesses
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Does Your Family Business Have a Succession Plan?
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The Importance of Prenups in Safeguarding Business Ownership
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The Gift of Family Stories 
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Succession: Do this, don’t do that
“If you don’t think succession is important, then you don’t believe in the evolution of a company,” says Wingspan founder Christina Wing, in this Family Business Magazine article.
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Tips for a smooth succession
“If you don’t think succession is important, then you don’t believe in the evolution of a company,” says Wingspan founder Christina Wing, in this Family Business Magazine article.
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Getting The Philanthropy Strategy Right For HNW Families
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Wellmeaning Companies: Family, non-family and financial family office succession
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The Time is Now to Talk About Succession
Image of a black piggy bank with coins spilling out of it
Why We Don’t Talk About Money (and How We Can)
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How to Bring an Outside CEO into the Family Business
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Does your family office have a mission?
Family Business hiring: Red sign that says "For Hire."
Hire the Right People for the Right Roles
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3 Strategies for a Successful Family Business—and Vacation
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Successful Family Firms Shoot For The Moon
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Are You Ready for Governance?
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Consultant vs. Advisor – Why Wingspan Legacy Partners is an Advisory Firm
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Bank Failures and Lessons for Cash Management
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A New Era: Insights in the Fight for Talent
Harvard Business Review logo Should Your Family Business Allow In-Law
Create a Culture of Generosity and Communication in Your Family Business